Well hello there.
I’m Jay, a freelancer web and app developer.
I make all sorts of things, some made of atoms, most are made of bits.
I’ve collected them all here
(and a few of my thoughts too).

Catch me on Twitter @JayMutzafi

Main Projects

Web Development

I previously worked as a web developer at companies like LuckyBrand.com and PacificIslands.com, and now as a freelancer I build websites mainly for professionals and small businesses. I work mostly with WordPress.

iOS App Development

A few years ago I offered to make an App for Kevin Smith, on a whim, as a part of an art exchange of sorts. I am now diving back into iOS development with a new Meditation App on the way. I’m also available for hire.

Paracosm Labs

I am the founder of Paracosm Labs. We are working on something out of this world, a device that will finally make lucid dreaming completely effortless. It’s called Kensho. Stay tuned for more on this soon…

The Lucid Dreaming Podcast

Lucid Dreaming is a fascination and a passion of mine. I’ve started a podcast on the subject as a way to immerse myself in it and dive deeper.
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